Executive Management Team

Dr. Adnan A. H. Badwan
General Director

Dr Badwan Earned his PhD Degree in Pharmacy in 1977 from the University of Wales in U.K.
Dr.Badwan has over 30 years of experience in Pharmaceutical R&D management, Technology transfer and business development management. During his career he published two Books, book chapters, and 130 scientific articles, Dr Badwan filed more than 70 business - related Patents, established three companies based on locally developed technology, and led the first merger in the Jordanian Pharmaceutical Industry in 2004.
Dr.Badwan Supervised students reading for their Master Degrees and PhD in the Jordanian Universities as well as other universities in Iraq, Sudan and U.K.
He received several achievement awards including: State award of Excellence by the Ministry of Culture in Jordan (2008), Philadelphia University – Jordan Field of invention – Pharmacy (2007), Business man of the year by ICD (2006), Arab Technology Entrepreneur (2005) by the Arab Science & Technology Foundation (ASTF).
He is the president of the Board of Directors of the Arab Union of the Pharmaceutical and Medical Appliances (AUPAM).

Deputy General Manager

Engr. Amer holds a BSc degree in Industrial Engineering/Industrial Management from the University of Jordan since 1993 and has more than 20 years of executive management and directorship experience in the pharmaceutical industry and other industries in Jordan and the Middle East.

Engr. Amer has served as CEO of a leading pharmaceutical company in Jordan from 2012 till 2016 and has also served as CEO of a large poultry company in Egypt.
Engr. Amer is a certified director by the Egyptian Institute of Directors and has served as a board member for some Jordanian companies during the period from 2012 till 2016. In addition, Engr. Amer is an accredited assessor by the Prime Minister Office of UAE and has served as an assessor for the Government Excellence System.

Mohammed AbdelKareemi
Deputy General Manager

Mr. Mohammed Abdel Kareem holds a Master degree in “Enterprise Management”, he was granted the degree from University of Durham in England, and was graduated with a B.Sc. in chemical Engineering (1989) from the University of Jordan; Mr. Mohammed Abdel Kareem joined the JPM since 1990, and started his career working in the Production Department. On June 2000 he was promoted to the position of Production Manager. Mr. M. Abdelkareem became the Executive Manufacturing Manager on April 2010; the Manufacturing Directorate includes the Production Department, The Engineering Department, and the Central Calibration Lab. Mr. Abdel Kareem had been awarded: Level 7 Executive diploma in management from chartered management institute in England on March 2008, and he is a member in chartered management institute.

Dr. Lina Al Nabulsi
Technical Director

Mrs. Lina Nabulsi earned the Higher Diploma in Research Quality Assurance from Anglia Ruskin University/UK in 1998; she was graduated from the University of Jordan in 1985, Mrs. Lina joined the JPM in1985 Working as analyst in the Quality Control Department.

She held the management position of many departments; Quality Control (1992-1994), Compliance (1994-1997), (Research and Development 1997-2008) and Technical Director (2001-Now).

Mrs. Lina Al Nabulsi was assigned as an Expert by WHO in 2006 where she took part in finalizing the WHO Stability Guidelines, she is a Board Member at PRU* (CRO** in Jordan), and she is a frequent speaker at local meetings in Quality related topics.
*PRU: Pharmaceutical Research Unit
**CRO: Clinical Research Organization

Dr Zakiya AlKurdi
Commercial Director

Mrs. Kurdi earned PhD Degree  from Greenwich University/UK 2015,and an M.Sc Degree in Pharmacy from the same University on 2010. Mrs. Zakiya graduated on 1988 from Pharmacy School at the Alyarmook University; she joined the JPM Since then; she started as an analyst at the Quality Control Department, then promoted to the Manager of the Quality Control Department and held this position till August 2009. Since then she took the responsibility of the newly established Directorate. As Licensing Director, her responsibilities included the licensing activities, regulatory affairs and the IPR (Intellectual Property Rights). Mrs.Z.Alkurdi joined the membership of several committees with variable concerns examples are: Re-registration of generic Products, Control of Pharmaceutical Products, Control of API’s, Site Accreditation, and Biosimilars within International Generic Pharmaceutical Alliance (IGPA), moreover she worked with the USP; as an expert with the advisory panel on the general chapter <1197>. Mrs Zakiya is currently reading for PhD Degree with the. Greenwich University/UK.
Dr Al Kurdi is Currently the Acting Marketing Executive Manager.

Safwa Al Mousa
Strategy and Subsidiaries Affairs Director

Eng. Safwa Almusa earned the M.Sc. Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Jordan in 1996, the same University where she was graduated from with B.sc in Chemical Engineering. She joined the JPM on 1991 to work as Analyst in the Quality Control Department. Then she was in the leadership position for many departments; Compliance (1997-2000), Quality Assurance (2000-2011), Industrial Projects (2011-2014), Strategy and Subsidiaries Affairs (2014 -now). Eng.Al Musa earned the certification of the Norton Kaplan Balance Score Card in 2013, and she is a frequent speaker and trainer in quality related topics nationally and internationally.

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