Our story in extraction innovation

Extracts are the concentrated form of the herb, obtained by mixing the crude dried herb with appropriate solvent using many different techniques of extraction, it can be found in liquid, solid, and semi solid forms. Some herbs are so mild and that is unrealistic to use them without concentrating them in extract forms.
In Delass we believe in innovation and by the end 2014 we decide to be a leader in herbal extraction in the area by starting extraction unit starting from planting in our farm complying with cGMP standard.
With our solid scientific, marketing and regulatory expertise, we start our innovative projects with the most suitable active ingredients according to the most varied applications.
Working closely with a network of scientific and technical experts, we ensure data confidentiality and business transparency.

Standardized Extracts

Guaranteed potency extract, guaranteed to contain standardized level of active compounds, the level of compounds remains consistent in stating the content of active compounds rather than the concentration ratio, allows for more accurate dosage to be made.
Recent advance in extraction process, coupled with improved analytical method, have reduced the problem of quality control for such products.


Besides the controlled cultivation of herbs, and the use of standardized production methods, chemical analysis is necessary to ensure the optimum homogeneity of plant extracts.

Innovation as a cornerstone

Carefully selecting our active ingredients for their beneficial effects on the organism, covering analytical & botanical research and extraction expertise.