JPM Brand Name

Torvacol Generic Name

Atorvastatin calcium

Lipid Lowering Drugs
Indications A- Dyslipidemia: atorvastatin may be used to manage various lipid disorders including mixed dyslipidemia in which there are elevated levels of both LDL-C and TG as well as hypertriglyceridemia.

B- Atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease prevention: Atorvastatin can be given to prevent CVD in patients who have established ASCVD as it lowers cholesterol levels and stabilize the atherosclerotic plaques in blood vessels.

C- Primary prevention of cardiovascular events: Atorvastatin can be used as primary prevention of CV events in patients with multiple risk factors but have not yet experienced a cardiovascular event.

Available Doses

10mg, 20mg, 40mg.